Setting up Idle animation in Unity

Currently, our Player is able to move from one position to another but it’s frozen stiff. For convenience, we can animation moves from for free. Specifically, I searched for an Idle animation:

When you download an animation make sure of the following:

  1. Format: FBX for Unity
  2. Skin: With Skin

You can optimize FPS and Keyframe Reduction based on your requirements.

Then, I created an Animations directory and placed the file there.

Under Rig, I changed the Animation Type to Humanoid since the rig of the character is of that type and clicked the Apply button.

In the animation tab, I ticked the Loop Time so that animation would loop when it reached the end and then clicked the Apply button.

I created a Player->Animation folder to store the new Animator Contoller.

Then I dragged the idle animation to the Animator. It becomes the default state at Entry.

I renamed it to idle.

Finally, I added the Animator Controller under the Animator section of the model.

Now, the Player has an idle animation.

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